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Transport and Logistics

The Transportation and Logistics industries today are in their quest to a greater plane of productivity and profitability. While transportation focuses on the movement of goods from one place to the other, logistics encapsulates a broader spectrum and refers to the whole ‘flow management’ in the service sector.

However, there is a notable difference between these spheres of activities. Apart from transportation and delivery of goods, the Logistics also take care of storage, inventory, handling, and packaging. It can be defined as the science of obtaining, producing and distributing materials and products in the correct place and in the correct quantity.

Transport and Logistics
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Promotion amid Disruption

The Transport and Logistics (T&L) industry are currently confronting massive change and with the incremental customer expectations and technological standards, the T&L industry must keep its services updated to compete the advanced others.

From transparent, fast and flexible management of goods to low or no cost delivery, the industry is forced to experience phases of disruptions and subsequent reforms. There is a necessary demand for market planning and efficient flow of services.

There are several steps that the logistics industry should follow in order to meet the growing fetish towards ‘ease with technology’. There is a need for carving out a concise definition for service offer to avoid over-promising, and subsequently under-delivering of service.

It is also of utmost importance to establish primary and secondary market evaluation and yearly assessment of the same, finding a tentative target which shall further help to adjust marketing budget and goals. Knowing and identifying competitors is another way to survive unsurpassed in the market. Social media platforms have turned out to be an effective advertising agency for the promotion of logistics companies.

Types of Transportation in Marketing

There are various means to carry out transportation in marketing, of which, land, water, air, and pipeline are the major ones. Transportation must be opted for depending on the necessity, nature of goods, cost, time of transportation along with security and capacity considerations. Land transport nowadays has become synonymous with motor trucks and bus transports, along with railways that serve a major chunk of service.

Water transport is suitable for petroleum products, chemicals, iron, etc. Air transport precedes over the rest of the means in its unmatched time efficiency, regardless of the transport distance. Pipeline serves as an effective mode of transport for processed coal, petroleum products, natural gas, etc.

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