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There is a boom in digital marketing all around the world. It helps you connect with the rest of the world and most importantly is in trend these days. We all know that businesses need to mend their ways according to the trend. And the banking and the financial sector is no exception to this rule.

The banking and financial sector has been there for ages and shall continue to flourish in the coming years. But with time advertising in the banking area has become quite necessary.

Digital Marketing in Banking Industry

Why Digital Marketing for BFSI?

Digital marketing is a really prominent area for marketing products. However, there is not much requirement of marketing in the area of BFSI still to give an extra boom and to stand out of the crowd, digital marketing plays a primary role for the banks.

There is no benefit in traditional marketing as everyone, be it the customers or prospective customers are moving towards the digital space. Digital marketing is required to cope up with the constant increase and change in the requirements of customers.

In the age of constant competition all around, there is a need for constant improvement and change in the methods of business. Improvement means inculcating digital marketing strategies in the business.

Advantages of Digital Marketing for Banking and Financial Services.

This particular article will not be enough for talking about the advantages of digital marketing. Digital marketing has opened up avenues we couldn’t imagine a few years back.

The role of digital marketing in the BSFI sector is quite crucial. Here is a list of few advantages for the BFSI sector:

  • It helps to connect with the masses. Social media marketing provides a platform for interaction with prospective customers. This way the banks can gather information about the new trends in banking marketing.
  • It works as a digital marketing tool to help the banks grow in size and business.
  • Online presence ensures creating a brand name for the BFSI. A strong brand ensures customer attraction and more business to the banks. It is important to create a financial brand image through digital marketing.
  • It is a basic ground for interaction with prospective customers. This helps the BFSI to know the demands and needs of the customer and also the new and emerging trends.
  • You can reach to a greater number of customers, the cost involved is much lesser as compared to traditional marketing.
  • Analysis of customer behavior and their response ensure constant improvement in the services provided.
  • It keeps BFSI aware of the competitors, their strategies, their value in the market and the customer base, etc.
  • Digital marketing helps in investing banking area as it could help them reach customers through this platform.

Digital Marketing Strategies that Works for Banks and Financial Service Providers.

Here is a list of few strategies that work bang on for the BFSI:


Could anything be better than being on the top of the google search results? This is exactly what SEO does. SEO helps a business in getting top rank in the google search results. This is one of the organic marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

This marketing strategy includes providing educational material to the customers or readers so as to entice and engage the customers. This builds trust in their minds and works as the best marketing strategy.

Geofencing and IP Targeting

IP targeting is like targeting a particular group of people who has certain IP address. In the same manner, geofencing is targeting a much larger group.


PPC strategy involves payment only when a person clicks on your ad. Sweet and simple for e.g. The Google keywords that show up the ad when a person searches for some relevant keyword.

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