Customer Relationship Management

For a business to be really successful you need to add up many techniques in it. Customer Relationship Management is one such set of techniques. It determines whether your business could survive the long term competition or will it breakdown.

Of course, we are all aware of the fact that the customers are the lifeblood of any organization and it is impossible to survive without them in the marketplace. And therefore, a technique totally dedicated to them has been invented.

Customer Relationship Management has now become an imperative part of any organization, be it a small vendor by the street or an organization as big as WalMart.

Customer Relationship Management

What is CRM?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is the set of tools and practices which help the organization to maintain proper and healthy relations with their customers. It comprises the strategies through which equal and undivided attention can be given to all the individual customers, clients, buyer, supplier, service users, etc.

It helps the company’s long-run target that is better connections, interaction, branding, reliability, customer loyalty and that leads to better profitability and better future prospects for the company.

Any company need to engage a good CRM policy and a team which could apply the practice in the organization.

Types of CRM

Depending upon the requirements of your business, infrastructure and budget constraints there are different types of CRM which can ideally, be suitable for your business, the following are the types of Customer Relationship Management.

Outsourced Solution

These are the web-based CRM solutions for your organization, there are a number of reasons as to why you could apply this one in your business. Like if the organization is more capable of doing the jobs at hand and need to focus on the same, or if there is less expertise in the CRM, or if the expert guidance is highly needed, or if the organization is already directed towards online e-commerce.


For small and medium-sized organizations this is the most suitable strategy. It can integrate well with the existing packages, are cheap and mostly available on demand. However, on the downside, the software may not always act in a certain manner. Given the fact that this solution is not tailor-made for the organization.

Custom Software

This solution is more suitable for larger organizations, given the fact that it entails a huge lot of money. Having said that, let’s talk about custom software. This software is tailor-made to suit the requirements of the organization. It may take some time or much time to ready the software but ones prepared, this is best in class and integrates nicely with your software.

Managed Solution

This solution comprises the benefits of both the customized solutions and the outsourced ones. This means that the organization will have to pay a fixed rent for the customized software they want. However, this also means that the organization will not be able to enjoy all the functionalities.

CRM is Useful For Businesses

Why CRM is Useful For Businesses?

CRM is like the life and blood for the organizations today. Customers are the kings from the times unforeseen and to manage to get good and lasting relationships with them is the name of the game. This is where CRM steals the deal. These strategies help the organization in building long term relationship with the client base ensuring they stay and come back every time they need to.

CRM is not just useful, it is damn necessary. Understanding the needs of the clients and addressing them on time builds customer loyalty which can take the organization ahead in the competitive world.

Every customer is important. Therefore, interaction with each customer is done with the help of CRM. The objective of CRM in the organization is to gather data about the customer’s needs, wants and behavior.

We all aware of the fact that lead generation is an expensive thing so is building a new customer base. The importance of old customers can never be undermined.

Customer Relationship Management in Marketing

Customer Relationship Management in Marketing

CRM and marketing techniques are connected to each other in some manner. CRM is techniques of interaction with the existing and the new customers while marketing of the products. CRM role in marketing is the same as the soul’s role in the body.

In the yesteryear, it has been one of the techniques of marketing itself. But now looking at the importance of the subject it has gained a name for itself.

When an organization markets some products, CRM helps in building a relationship. That is to say, CRM helps in establishing a lasting relationship of profits with the organization.

How Do We Work For CRM

How Do We Work For CRM?

Shiftwave Technologies tend to provide the best in class and different types of CRM strategies which can align very well with the client software at the place.

  • Remain up to date with the client data and the best practices in the industry.
  • Best customer relationship strategies which can suit your organization.
  • Make improvements in your productivity, brand value, lead conversion, marketing strategies, customer relationships, customer satisfaction, the addition of customers, and therefore your revenues.
  • Lead creation and conversions, which again leads to better revenues.
  • Increasing referrals from existing customers: this happens when the customers are impressed with the service of the organization.
  • And the main thing that the customer support: The customers today as fast and have a plethora of services in front of them. You cannot fool them into anything, and we provide better, faster and up-to-date services to satisfy their needs.
What are CRM and its types?

CRM is customer relationship management. Types include Outsourced The solution, off-the-shelf-solution, custom software, and managed solution.

What is customer relation?

Customer relation is managing the online and offline relation with the customer. Keeping the records of their needs and wants and trying to fulfill those in time.

What does CRM stand for in marketing?

CRM is a part and parcel of marketing strategies. They help the marketer in doing what they intended to actually do that is to increase the revenue.

What is CRM in digital marketing?

CRM is on the boom in digital marketing. The digital marketing collects the data of the client and this data is finally used in CRM activities.

How can CRM help a business?

CRM infuses new life into the business. The businesses exist for profit-making and CRM lets the business do exactly the same.

How can CRM improve customer service?

By providing a better solution to their problems and giving them customized and good services or products.

How can CRM increase sales?

CRM increase sales by increasing the satisfaction level of the existing customers and getting better relationships with the newer ones.

How can CRM support marketing automation?

CRM supports marketing automation by working together towards the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction and better revenues. Marketing attracts the attention of the customers and the CRM converts them into an actual customer.

Why CRM is important for sales?

CRM is important for sales as we are aware that customer satisfaction is paramount. Only then will they refer us to others and remain loyal to one brand.

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