E-Commerce Services

What do you mean by E-commerce?

E-commerce or Electronic commerce as the utterly Globalized world have witnessed today has taken hold of the service sector, with its expanding tentacles crippling the world to a device based regulation.

In its technical term, E-commerce refers to the exchange of products, services or information among business groups or between business groups and customers. Broadly, it is used to describe any kind of transaction pertaining to goods and services which is facilitated by the internet.


E-commerce Business Models

Forking out its operative activities, E-commerce can be divided into six forms of business models based on the actors between whom dealings and transactions would materialize. It varies from private individuals to Public Administration agencies.

Business-to-Business (B2B)

Business-to-Consumer (B2C)

Consumer-to-Consumer (C2C)

Consumer-to-Business (C2B)

Business-to-Administration (B2A)

Consumer-to-Administration (C2A)

E-commerce over conventional marketing

Why E-commerce over conventional marketing?

Standing as an archetype in the survival of Global Markets today, E-commerce have made business and transactions least laborious, undeniably lifting service seekers to an eased platform to get things done. It boons benefit for both providers, by the huge reach of global consumers, and the seekers with the maximum choices available globally.

A major boost to this sector is the substantial reduction of cost and time in work, creating a small global office with utmost resource and time management. It also enables the sellers and the audience to have a direct and transparent channel, enhancing customer reliability and market competition.

However, the security threats E-commerce carries along such as risks of information leak, privacy breach, credit card theft, identity forgery cannot simply be curtained out. It also demands categorical knowledge and specialized expertise over software compatibility, web design, content development and the technical rest.

Web Design and Development Specialists

We are Web Design and Development Specialists

Just like shops owners decorate physical spaces, it is imperative in the eCommerce sector to develop a robust web design, which serves as a foundation of retail business. It is an efficient way of consumer attraction leading to maximum profits.

Ranging from basic features and advanced search engine to unique product options, the vitality, and role of Web design and Development specialist is significant in skyrocketing its demand in the highly competitive global market.

Platforms we expertise in:

We are focused on understanding clients challenges and provide the best solution suggested by our experts in multiple platforms which includes flooring, banking and financial services, education & healthcare, retail and manufacture, transportation and logistics, travel and hospitality, and real estate.

Our Ecommerce Services:

Our pledge is becoming the most trusted and reliable Web specialists this includes services such as digital marketing, automation, and AI, cognitive business, lead management system, cloud applications, cybersecurity, and quality engineering. Our experts also provide Professional SEO, Web Design, Pay Per Click Marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and more digital marketing services for affordable prices.

Quality Engineering Services

Why Shiftwave is the best choice over others?

We have been an adept torchbearer in website design and internet marketing which guarantee a maximum reliance gained from its twelve years experience, both locally and globally.

Our innovation-led approach is a glitter in the sand which reinvent, develop and deliver trailblazing solutions.

With our unmatched services and an extremely experienced team, clients have achieved greater heights in their business. We follow unique values such as collaborative spirit, expert thinking and unrelenting dedication which makes Shiftwave a demanding service provider. For a free consultation contact us today!

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