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Digital Marketing + SEO For CG Industry

Consumer Goods companies, the largest offline advertisers, are now geared to attract, promote, and involve the customers through positive customer experience. Pepsi has introduced several innovative gaming applications to attract the young generation. Digital marketing is the perfect marketing channel to explore target customers using break-through online techniques.

Role of Digital Marketing in the CG Industry

From brand-building websites to relationship-building customer communications, cost-effective sampling to high value product research, the digital media offers access to mass consumers, efficiently and affordable.

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How SEO Can Affect Sales Of Consumer Packaging Goods Companies

Search-driven CPG site visitors' motivations are important to understnad, says the study.

  • 30% were looking specifically for the company Web site
  • 73% were researching products
  • 64% were seeking help with an actual purchase decision
  • Almost 50% were looking for product promotions
Consumer Goods

How Do We Help?

Whether your consumer packaged goods business sells food and beverages, cosmetics, hygiene products, etc., you can rest assured that your CPG company is in good hands when you work with Shiftwave for your consumer packaged goods online marketing and web design needs. We have deep knowledge of the vast online needs of businesses, and you can be sure that this knowledge extends to the consumer packaged goods niche.

No matter the scale of your store and product catalog, we complete a timely and detailed technical audit as part of our eCommerce focused SEO program.

Our review includes analysis of your keyword focus, usability signals, schema markup, site speed, voice search, site structure, visitor flow, and content – page by page.

We take the time to understand your audience, market, industry, products, competitors, and how customers search for what you sell.

We create fresh content to expand categories and products, focusing on optimizing while providing maximum value to help improve conversions. Our eCommerce SEO experts are ready to build and optimize your website architecture.

The strong online marketing campaign provided by Shiftwave strengthens your online presence, including providing high SEO rankings. Consumers will become aware of the product or products offered by your company, boosting your sales. In today’s global market, a strong online presence and high SEO rankings is the only way to beat the competition.

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