Indian Clients

Hirawats Approached Shiftwave to create an Ecommerce Site and also to generate traffic. We've completed working on its eCommerce Store. Now, we're working on SEO Implementations and we're sure that we will pull good numbers in the near future.
Woodland Furniture Approached Shiftwave to create a website to showcase its 6500+ products. We've created a user-friendly website for them and about to start SEO very Soon.
Shiftwave became an online marketing partner for Greendale International School with the intent to ramp up its SEO, brand awareness, Visibility. We've worked on the Greendale International School Fb Campaign and SEO strategies to help them improve their brand awareness and organic traffic by 210%. We created a whole strategic plan right from market identification to Banner creation and running ad campaigns to drive admissions.
IIAM Approached Shiftwave to get leads for their college. Shiftwave has started working on the Facebook campaign and generated 500+ leads.
Aayushman Hospital has joined hands with Shiftwave to enhance its hospital reputation and to increase their SEO rankings. With our trailblazing digital marketing skills, we're working on Aayushman hospital to give the desired results.
Bothra Sales Corporation came to Shiftwave for a new website along with SEO Services. We've started working on Bothra site and created a responsive site and have achieved a 100% boost in Organic traffic.
Gaap Tuff Glass LLP is one of the leading glass processing company who wants the online brand recognization. So, we're working on improving the brand recognization of Gaap Tuff to Boost their business.
Shiftwave was hired by the Architecture Institute of Technology to promote its Architecture Expo Event. We've worked on the AI Expo campaign and achieved a 500% increase in social traffic and a 210% increase in Event visits. So, this proves that customers can expect an effective partnership and get desired results from Shiftwave.
Treksome came to shiftwave looking for a new website design along with Facebook Paid Campaigns. Shiftwave has started working on treksome and created a stunning site. Apart from that, we have achieved a 110% increase in leads through our Facebook campaign efforts.
We've been working with Naayaab Interiors for 7 months. At that time, we've achieved a 100% organic traffic increase and specifically helped them to boost social media presence with our creative marketing style.
SS Civil Projects have partnered extensively with Shiftwave to boost their online presence. Our work with SS Civil Projects has helped them increase their organic traffic by 50% in a few months. We're working on SS Civil Projects to give them more desired results.
Plots in Vizag is the new real estate website that generates leads to their clients. So, we've taken their project and within the month we have generated nearly 500 leads for them with our innovative digital marketing strategies. We are happy to say this is the best part that we're impassioned about taking clients provocation.
Stainless steel Modular kitchens have joined hands with shiftwave to enhance the brand reputation of their new project "Stainless Steel Modular Kitchens". With our trailblazing digital marketing skills, we're working on SSmodular Kitchens Project.
Aditya Drier Tech
Aditya Drier wants us to revamp their website according to the latest trends and they also want to stand out. So, they opted us to makeover their face of the business and to stand out from the competitors. Our passion is to make them win so we're striving harder to make their site stand from the crowd.
Midhun and Jai Infra
Midhun & Jai are the new real estate clients who are striving to get online leads. So, we've taken their project and within just a month span we have generated nearly 680 leads for them. This is the best part to say that we're passionate about taking clients challenges.
J K Silks
JK Silks is our new client who is striving to bring online clients towards their store with our battle hardening Marketing Skills. So, we're working on a proven marketing strategy to enhance their business.
Sundar Steel is one of the leading steel industry who wants the online brand recognization. So, we're working on the brand recognization to boost their business.
Salt N Pepper Restaurant
Italian Salt & Pepper is a newbie in this hyper-competitive food business. They wanted us to boost their business with our innovative thought process and proven formulas. We're working on that and soon make them get their desired results.
Brick Fundraisers
The brick fundraiser is a roundtable organization that helps to build Classrooms by raising funds. We take the initiative to build that webpage with our effective programming skills.
Flats in Vizag
Flats in Vizag are the new real estate clients who are striving to get online leads. So, we've taken their project and within just a month span we have generated nearly 680 leads for them. This is the best part to say that we're passionate about taking clients challenges.
75services is a service based company which provide woodwork, painting, false ceiling and more services. We have taken this project to boost its leads and online reputation. As promised we have gained lots of leads and brand reputation for 75services in Vizag. So, they often love to work with us.
SBEC Projects
SBEC is specialized in construction and they asked us to build their local reputation. With our digital skills, we have increased their brand awareness and improved their reputation.
Navya Constructions
Navya constructions are builders who construct houses. We have worked with them to enhance their business and reputation to make them "top the charts of the constructions sites" in their region.
Aarya Sea Foods
Arya Seafoods is a seafood processing company which provides seafood by processing to the users. We have worked on this project and made them boost their reputation and designed their website and face of the business as well.
Filmyoye is a film based site which used to have no traffic. So, we have taken up the project in 2018 and started working on it. Now, its generating good traffic and social shares. Along with that it also has boosted its brand awareness as filmyoye has become a brand for movie reviews.
Pool A Gift Social Website
PAG is an online gifts provider which used to have fewer leads and brand reputation. With our battle harden skills and proven formulas we have achieved the best possible results and boosted its leads.
SpeenZ is a first character analyzer site that helps people to figure out what other people think about the person. Facebook friends can easily participate in this review. We've specially designed and developed this cool site with innovative thoughts and AI-based Skills.
Vizag Alpha Round Table 305 is a Non-Profit organization that develops the sociability of young men through the medium of their professional occupations and business & community service activities. We have developed and maintained that site with our innovative skills.
CMR shopping mall is one of the best malls and established in multiple locations in Andhra Pradesh. We take charge to improve their online presence and improve sales by designing an awesome website.
MDR Cranes & Cargo
MDR Cranes & Cargo is an existing firm operating from Visakhapatnam (A.P), India. It provides different capacity cranes on hire basis to different domestic & international customers. We created an exclusive website to enhance their online visibility.

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