Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the defined process of protecting and/or safeguarding systems practice, programs and networks from external digital attacks through effective Cyber Security softwares and Cyber Security companies/Cyber Security analysts. Cyber Security threats usually aim to secure unauthorized access, change, or destroy important and/or sensitive pieces of data/information; extort money from users, or interrupt regular business processes. Cyber Security is also referred to as information technology security.

What is involved in Cyber Security?

Effective Cyber Security

An effective Cyber Security process/approach is inclusive of multiple layers of cyber protection spread across computers, programs, networks and/or data that you have to keep safe. In an effective Cyber Security company, users/people, Cyber Security processes, and Cyber Security technology must complement one another in order to build a successful defense from cyber attacks.

Types of Cyber Security threats

Our Cyber Security analysts have listed the most common Cyber Security threats of 2019 for your awareness

  • Phishing attacks
    Phishing attacks
  • Malware attacks
    Malware attacks
  • Ransomware
  • Driveby attack
    Drive-by attack
  • Social Engineering
    Social Engineering

What Cyber Security can prevent?

Cyber Security networks

Cyber Security is important to prevent the unprecedented sensitive data/information collected by various institutions and organizations including corporate, government, financial, military, and health companies collect, process, and store unprecedented amounts of data on computers and other devices.

Such organizations including health companies transmit our data across multiple networks and also to other devices during business processes/transactions. Cyber Security ensures that discipline is dedicated to protecting this data/information and the systems used to process and/or store them.

Cyber Security vs. Computer Security

How Cyber Security is different from computer security?

Cyber Security and Computer Security are two distant terms.

Computer Security usually, it includes the security to the computer hardware and it also deals with the other backup information which is stored in your computer.

When it comes to cyber security the comparison is a lot more complicated mainly because it deals with all the threats which are caused by the cyber world. It may be a virus, stealing passwords, credit card details, frauds and many more are taken into consideration.

Why Cyber Security matters - What Shiftwave can do

Effective data protection strategy

Business data is so much more vulnerable today than ever before. Cyber Security thus matters to efficiently operate your growing and/or established business and also safeguard your customers’ information.

To help you maintain a secured database, Shiftwave offers you the best Cyber Security analysts and softwares to help you reduce data security risks and get the most out of your business. Our professional Cyber Security analysts will help you in each step of your data protection journey right from designing the most effective data protection strategy and all the way through deployment, policy refinement, regular reporting and also, risk assessment.

Our expert Cyber Security analysts will bring to you comprehensive, enterprise-wide security assessment, design, and deployment services to enable you to build the most effective Cyber Security solutions. So let our experts guide you to implement the best practices for Cyber Security and prevent threats to your critical data and information sets.

Come join hands with Shiftwave and enhance your business security.

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