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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing comprises of two words i.e. digital and marketing, therefore we can rightly say that this is the marketing done through the digital media platforms.

The digital marketing strategy is at the growing stage, in other words, people are moving from traditional marketing strategies to digital marketing.

The reason behind this kind of shift is the attraction of the masses towards the digital world. This interest is so intense that people are glued to the screens for the most part of their day. The level of attraction or attention is so huge that we see a paradigm shift in the likes and dislikes of the whole society at large.

Okay, why don’t you look around, if not around, look at yourself?

Want to know the best restaurants in the city you visit, simply Google it. Want to share your emotions use Facebook, Instagram, etc.

So, you see we are now more or less dependent upon the digital world. Marketing analysts being the smart person that they took no time to use the same platform to advertise their products. And that’s exactly what digital marketing is.

That is the role of digital marketing in the lives of people.

What is digital marketing?

According to a digital marketing expert, digital marketing is any form of marketing products or services that involves electronic devices.

Therefore, it is rightful to say that digital marketing is not a new buzzword. It has been here for a long time.

Digital marketing is a word that includes much more than simply Facebook, or Instagram. Reason being that the digital platform has been invented long ago.

There a difference between internet marketing and digital marketing. Internet marketing or online marketing is marketing which takes place on the internet. On the other hand, digital marketing services provides both online and offline platforms.

Digital marketing service includes marketing on the telephone, mobile app, digital billboards or subway platforms.

Why digital marketing matters?

Digital marketing services matters, because of marketing matters. And marketing matters because it increases sales, enhances the brand value, provides loyalty and attracts attention. All this ultimately leads to increased profits for the marketer.

For a fact, we know that profit is the ultimate goal of any business. That is why digital marketing companies and agencies matters.

Obviously, with the paradigm shift in the likes and dislikes of the buyer, the ways and manners of doing digital marketing shall also change. To survive and thrive in the market today companies and agencies need to think of new and better ways of doing business as well as marketing their business.

Why Digital Marketing Matters

It will be false if I say that traditional marketing such as an ad in newspapers, billboards, and pamphlets are both harmful for the environment and at the same time are dying a slow death. All of these are slowly and steadily being replaced by digital marketing.

There is a boom in internet usage and the users, and it is only getting stronger by each passing day. Being a wise marketing analyst, attracting the consumers where they reach could be highest seems to be a wise decision. Isn’t it?

The importance of digital marketing is only going to rise given the mass mentality and attraction.

Although, digital marketing is not a new concept after the integration of digital media in our lives, the importance of this kind of marketing is increasing at the rate as to remove all the other competition out of the way.

What channels make up digital marketing?

There are numerous channels which make up digital marketing. To name a few:

  • Content Marketing: Marketing agency creates content and publishes it on the website and thereafter promote it through social media. The ultimate aim of content marketing is to attract customers through good and healthy content for their brains.
  • Email Marketing: It is still one of the most used and popular digital marketing tools. I mean it has not gone out of fashion because people still use it daily. Here the marketing agency creates a list of all the leads and markets their products through emails. Through the other channels, the marketing analyst creates leads and with the help of email marketing, they turn them into customers.
  • Website Marketing: This one is the most popular marketing channel. Website is a basis on which other marketing channels could also be used. The marketer needs to create a strong, user-friendly, easily accessible and fast website so that they can attract and retain the market. On the website, a product, service, etc. are represented in a manner that it becomes memorable for the public at large.
  • Social Media Marketing: Simple, marketing through the social media platform is social media marketing. It is one of the most used and liked channels. The digital marketing analyst can easily set the target customers. It is easy hassle-free and creates a strong brand image for the product.
digital marketing channels
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: This channel allows you to reach the target customers through the paid method. In other words, the PPC method allows you to advertise your product or service on various social media platforms and search engines on a paid basis. This channel is quite suitable for the brands who are trying to establish themselves in the market. Because it is the easiest and the most effective method of marketing.
  • Video Marketing: It is easy and more informative; therefore masses are turning towards it even for their smallest query. In the times of TikTok and YouTube, you cannot think of any other better platform for marketing anything.

People do market themselves nowadays, so why can’t a brand or product be? People turn to YouTube before buying any product for its uses, reviews and other kinds of information. That makes it one of the most loved and sought after channel for marketing.

What are the types of digital marketing?

types of digital marketing

Let’s now look at some of the important types of digital marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization: This is the ranking in the google search engine. When you type something in the google’s search panel it displays you with the result. SEO helps in taking the better ranking on that list. Better ranking leads to better visibility and therefore a successful digital marketing strategy.
  • Affiliate marketing: This one is performance-based marketing. In this type, certain websites or affiliates are linked with the product; these affiliates market the product on their website. In exchange to get some percentage in the profits of the seller. If the website is trusted or popular among the masses, then it is a sure-shot way of successful marketing.
  • Mobile Marketing: This one has emerged after popularisation and increased usage of mobile phones. It can be seen on either the Mobile web banner (top of the page) or mobile web poster (bottom of the page). It can also be through SMS or MMS or mobile video, mobile games, or the recording played while on the audio call, etc.

What are the top digital marketing tools?

No, it will not do everything for you, but it is so much it can. Here are the types of digital marketing tools provided by the digital marketing company:

  • Hootsuite and Buffer: They are the same as well as different. With the help of Hootsuite and Buffer, you will be able to schedule the post, track them, post comments, mention, schedule messages all on a single dashboard. Does it seem real? You can also get your performance analysis and track record to check whether to continue with the older plan or bring about changes in the same. It offers you three plans i.e. free, pro, and business.
  • Google Alerts: It is an easy to use tool for the beginners, google alerts keep you up to date with the latest news, competitions, etc. it is easy to start the marketing process with. It searches Google to find any new keyword associated with your brand and notifies the digital marketing analyst about the same.
  • Facebook Page Insights: This one is useful for marketers on Facebook. It helps the marketer by analyzing the customers’ behaviors so that the marketer can change the marketing strategy and target the customers they need to.
  • Sales Navigator: This tool helps you to track the activities of your social media profiles and you get notified through Gmail. It helps to establish a strong relationship and connections with potential customers.

How do you increase sales with digital marketing?

Marketing, when done right, helps in increasing sales. Let me show you in an expanded form.

Website Traffic:

More customers on your website mean more sales. We can attract traffic and customers through an effective route called digital marketing. Good content, pop-ups, target advertising, emails, etc. can attract good traffic to your website.

Ones the traffic comes, they can be ultimately converted into customers. The conversion of the traffic into ultimate customers is a twisted path because the seller needs to offer a good quality product to attract and retain customers.

Website Traffic

Lead generation:

Digital marketing tools help in the collection of leads and you know how important leads for the business.

When a business has good leads, it can convert those into customers with a little persuasion and a lot of good products to offer. When leads are collected, you can email them with the latest offers, discounts, and product.

Lead generation

Tracking the Process:

The digital media platform, unlike the traditional ones, can be traced. With the help of the tools available at your disposal, you can keep track of the people visiting the website, how a particular strategy works, how much a particular strategy worked or analysis on a weekly, monthly, fortnightly basis. Based on this kind of data, you can take various decisions to alter your website.

Tracking Process

What is the future of digital marketing?

The future of digital marketing is bright and beautiful. Shortly, I only see an increase in the digitalization. That shall make the digital marketing ultimate loved and sought after way of marketing.

With digitalization entering every area of our lives, it will not be false to say that in future along with the digital billboards, we might see the digital water bottles or bags.

Wait, aren’t they already in the markets or maybe somebody might be planning to create one or even better someone might be working on those plans? This seems so interesting.

Just imagine while going to the office, your laptop bag working as Alexa. I hope you know her.

Future of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Benefits

  • Better conversion rate: Conversion of the traffic to customers
  • Availability of analyzed data: Lessen your work and provide crisp, up to date, automated data.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The methods of digital marketing are more cost-effective than traditional methods. i.e. revenue per rupee of cost is more than that of traditional.
  • Environment-friendly: Digital marketing is a much more environmentally friendly method. It helps you save paper, tree and ultimate air pollution by burning the paper.
  • Better Competitive position: There is a better competitive position in the market and even the small firms can fight head-on with the big shots.
  • Higher ROI: You can create better Cost-Per-lead, which is ultimately a higher ROI.
  • Better reach: You can reach anywhere and connect to anyone in the world because yes, it’s digital.
  • Better Brand Image: It helps you create a good brand image for the product.

Does digital marketing replace traditional marketing?

It has almost replaced it. I mean, yes the process of replacement in bits but it is happening. People are moving towards a better and digitalized world. This movement is such a fast pace that the traditional things or marketing could not cover up or cope up with the same.

However, the fact remains that the methods and principles of marketing will be the same as that of traditional marketing. What will improve or get replaced is the manner of doing the same?

The market moves as per the demand of the customers and that is what the customers today demand.

Digitalization is not an option for the marketer; it is a kind of responsibility or the necessity for him.

So ultimately a digital marketing expert said that “Digital marketing will not replace the traditional one completely but yes up to a certain limit. I think both of them will survive with one another”.